Why choose me as your wedding DJ?

We’ve all heard the wedding DJ horror stories, brides being let down at the last minute, turned up late or even didn’t show up at all! If they did turn up they didn’t play the music you wanted, didn’t stop waffling incoherent nonsense on the mic all night or their cheap equipment failed mid way through the event (that happened at my very own wedding).

I’ve heard them too and even experienced first hand most at events where I was a guest! I know all too well just how much a bad DJ and ruin a night so I work hard to provide a professional service that can be relied on.

Customer service is my first objective, finding our exactly what you want and making sure I can pull it off. I make sure I respond to messages quickly and efficiently, I lease with your venue to make sure everything goes smoothly. Nothing is too much trouble and above and beyond comes as standard. Your wedding day is the most notable event you’ll likely ever host so helping in any way possible is my number one priority.

Secondly comes the actual job of playing the tunes. With well over 1000 events under my belt I know in detail how to get everyone up having a great time. I tend to start around 7pm, this is normally when evening guests arrive, stone cold sober and absolutely not in the mood to dance. This is where I play background music, let everyone get settled and start to analyse the room. Every event is a puzzle, how do I get these people out of their seats and having a great time, it’s a puzzle I’m great at solving. After the evening food is the time to really get it going play to the older members of the crowd first and build up to more modern stuff or dance towards the end. Reading the room is my main skill, I’m very sensitive to the energy so can judge what to play very well, I never have set lists, I play in the moment to the people in front of me.

Lastly is the equipment I use. I use only high grade equipment for quality and reliability, it has to look and sound great for the package to be complete. I have spares of everything in case of failure. At weddings I’ll be dressed in a full suit and tie to look as sharp as the guests. Finally the photos I take at every event completes my service.

These aspects combined are meticulously worked on and improved constantly which I believe makes me an ideal choice for any wedding or adult event. This is why am the highest rated wedding Dj in my area.