How do you choose a DJ for your wedding?

This is a great question and one I see coming up time and time again.

First you need to establish your budget, my blog on Wedding DJ cost can help with that. That’ll determine what level of quality you can get, there is a huge sliding scale so check out that blog and decide your limit.

Once you have decided what you can spend you’re ready to start your search. Personal recommendations are good, ask your social media friends or Google wedding DJs and your area that’ll bring them all up, you can then sort by top rated. The top of that list will be a great place to start, lots of great verifiable customer reviews says alot about the service.

Once you’ve found a DJ you like the look of A good tip will be to find out what that DJ specialises in, if you’re Ibiza fans you don’t really want to be booking a great Motown or 80s DJ. Finding a DJ that likes what you like can be helpful and a great question to ask any DJ you reach out to. If you guys met at Glastonbury Festival and love bands, finding a DJ that loves that sort of thing will make them excited about your event which should show in their performance.

The key is speak to a few well rated ones, get the vibe off them, can they provide what YOU want? Some wedding DJs play a similar tried and tested set almost every event they play. Even have pre loaded playlists, not very personal.

It’s important to choose one that is right for you because in many cases if you’re paying their fee you’ll be right for them no matter what. I personally need to be sure I can do the right thing for the client, I’ll never take an event I’m not 100% sure I can be good for, not all are like me so ask lots of questions and do lots of research, the success of your party depends on it!

As always if you want any extra info or advice on anything DJ or event related I’m always available for a chat and only too happy to help feel free to Contact me here


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