I’ve been taking photos at weddings and events for years. I noticed early in my wedding DJ career that the day photographer couldn’t get out the door fast enough after the first dance. This is when all the fun starts I thought I’d step in. So around 2010, knowing nothing about photography I bought a proper camera and started shooting my events. Everyone loved this new addition to my service, especially as it was free! Since then I have upgraded my camera twice and enhanced my skills by level by taking online courses.

I taught myself about how to operate on manual mode to get the best possible results. I now have a modern Canon M50 camera with a Sigma low light lens and a flash gun coupled together I get some good shots. Best of all the service is still completely free when uploaded to my page. This way it helps showcase the events I play and allows your friends and family to see them. They can be kept private too where I email you a downloadable link.

My style is to take natural, unposed, candid photos so all the fun and smiles are genuine. I capture the party as it actually happens to create your own personal bespoke digital album that tells the story of your night as it happened.

This is a service unique to me, some have started to copy but they’re miles behind in quality. My camera equipment was well over £1000 alone so you can be sure of having quality images at your event for you to look back on the party with a smile.

Check out many previous examples of my work via this link to my Facebook photos page or if you just want to see some highlights check out my Instagram