Do we really need a DJ at our wedding?

Good question, as a wedding DJ my short answer is (drum roll……) quite predictably, yes.

The reasons for this is clear, firstly a DJ is not just someone who stands there and presses play. A good one will be crucial to the flow of the evening, announcing various things throughout the night, making sure key parts start and finish on time to allow enough time for a party, slowing things down for the evening food with some background music, building it back up afterwards to a great crescendo to finish the night with a bang. Knowing what to play when to play it is a main skill of a good DJ, making sure the people on the floor at that moment are being catered to is super important and difficult to achieve with predetermined playlists, you never know who will be on the dancefloor at anyone time, if Auntie Jean is getting down to some Motown you don’t want Dance music on next. A good DJ will play to who is in front of them, not jumping around eras and genres so the people on the floor look at each other and walk back to their seats when something weird comes on which can happen with playlists as it’s not done in the moment.

Don’t be tempted to make a Spotify playlist and let it run, it’s a recipe for a disjointed and awkward experience for anyone wanting to dance, not to mention the 3 second gap between each song which doesn’t sound much but trust me, it is on a dancefloor. Do you want to spend your night at an iPad skipping songs and moving things around?

An experienced and diligent DJ is also an MC, a planner, a sound and lighting engineer, a person who is approachable, a good problem solver and someone that will insure a successful night.

The reason we’re important

You’re also hiring sometimes tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment to be brought to your venue, set up safely, operated to an expert level, with back up in case of failure and removal at the end of the night.

Your beautiful wedding day needs great entertainment and the most cost effective way to do that is hire a brilliant DJ.

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