DJ T&C’s

Dj Steve-O Dee terms and conditions for wedding DJ and Event DJ bookings are as follows, by paying a deposit you are agreeing you have read, understood and agree to these 8 conditions:

1, If you book me it’s me that comes no matter what, In the event of something serious and unforeseen I’ll endeavour to arrange adequate cover at no extra cost to you, this has never happened in my career.

2, If your event is cancelled due to Covid you get your money back or I can move it to an available date free of charge, even at short notice. If you cancel for any reason within 28 days your deposit is non refundable.

3, Final payment is due from the client anytime up to 24 hours before the date via bank transfer only. Outside 28 days from the event any monies paid is fully refundable even in the event of cancellation. If cancelled within 28 days of the event date I keep the deposit to cover costs already incurred like downloading music and admin.

4, Unlike most DJs you are NOT responsible for damage to my equipment, it’s my responsibility to set up in a safe manner to minimise risk to guests. Trailing leads will be taped down, all equipment will be PAT tested for electrical safety and I carry £10m of Public Liability Insurance, certificates available on request. If equipment is damaged by a guest purposely I reserve the right to stop playing, pack up and leave without refund. Only I am authorised to use equipment set up on the day.

5, All photos I take at events remain my property unless prior agreement of privacy is taken out, I reserve the right to use these for my own promotion only, they will not be sold to a 3rd party. If you have opted out of photography this doesn’t apply to you.

6, I promise to be kind, curious to all guests at all time. No attempts will made to liaise with guests in anything other than a professional capacity. I expect the same in return. Any threat or act of violence or verbal abuse to myself or damage to equipment I reserve the right to end the night early and leave without refund if said guest(s) are not brought under control. This is a last resort and will not be taken lightly. It has also never happened.

7, Once I am set up in the agreed spot no changes to location can be made, please agree with venue and myself where to set up prior to event as moving after setting up is difficult and time consuming.

8, In cases of Force Majeure which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the Client, then the Client may cancel this booking without penalty other than loss of deposit.

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