How much do Wedding DJs cost in the UK?

How much do Wedding DJs cost? Ahhh that age old question that pops up time and again. There is no definitive answer really but you have three categories, pick the one that best suits your needs and your budget. DJs are not to be scrimped on though, you really do get what you pay for. The entertainment is one of the few lasting memories people will have of your event. Think of the weddings you’ve been to, do you remember the table centrepieces, chair covers, flowers in the corner, even the cake? These are things you can spend thousands on collectively yet add little to the event overall. Everyone remembers if they had a good night partying or not! Always go for total added value over total cost.

1, Budget wedding DJ cost, these can range from £80-£190 for a night, probably cash in hand, very likely to have cheap equipment that might not be up to the task, possibly not PAT tested for electrical safety, no back up for failures and no insurance and maybe even inexperienced. Not saying they’ll do a bad job, just might not be best prepared to provide a professional, reliable, hitch free service. You defiantly don’t want a no-show which happens more than you’d think with this category being the main culprits unfortunately. Research is key!

2, Mid range wedding DJ cost, These can range from £250-700+. Here we should have thousands of pounds worth of high grade equipment, carry back up equipment incase of failure, all PAT tested for electrical safety with valid public liability insurance certificates which most venues insist on. They’ll likely have good online presence with plenty of great reviews to read, read them! Great customer service so quick to respond to messages, attentive, flexible to your needs, happy to meet up and have loads of experience. Still important to do your research and ask lots of questions to make sure they have everything listed and can provide what you want.

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3, Full time professional wedding DJ cost, These can range from £400-£2000+. Likely to be very competent, professional and reliable with all the plus points from the midrange DJs and hopefully a bit more. Larger set ups, capable of larger capacity events, lots of optional extras ect. DJ’ing is their primary income so really important to do your research that they’re right for you. Meet them in person or Zoom call them to get their vibe, they’ll only be too happy to oblige.

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