Wedding night planning & Party tips

Steve-O Dee

How you can help make your party great and get everyone dancing.

In this blog I'll try to help you make little tactical changes to help your party run smoothly and be a great success. I have DJ'd hundreds of parties over almost 20 years. There are things you can easily do to get people dancing and having fun. There are also things you can do to throw a spanner in the works without even realising.

Quick checklist

  1. It helps if the dance floor, bar, food and seating area are all in the same room when choosing a venue.
  2. Hire a great DJ.
  3. Cut the cake and get all speeches out the way before the party starts properly.
  4. Get your evening food out as early as possible leaving plenty of time for it to settle for a strong finish
  5. Let your event finish with a bang. 7.30pm-12am is the perfect time to fit everything in.

First thing, the venue. Choosing the right venue can have a significant effect on the success of your night if your aim is to get people up dancing and having a great time. If the room the dance floor is in is separate to the bar it can be much harder to get people dancing. This is one thing to watch out for. Venues like stately homes often have the bar down the corridor to the party room. People like to congregate in these areas making it hard to get them through to another room to get on the dance floor. It tends to be good for the last hour when everyone has had a good fill of "confidence". Best option is having bar and dance floor at the front and seating area at the rear of a large single room if possible.

Secondly, Hire the best DJ you can find. The DJ will make or break your night. Get the wrong one and it could be embarrassing and frustrating. Get a great one and everyone will leave with smiles on their face. Set aside a decent budget for this. It's not to be scrimped on if you want your night to be a success.

Thirdly, timing is key. Make sure you get any speeches or cake cutting done early, preferably while the DJ is setting the ambiance with background music at the start of the evening. You'll want to avoid father-in-law jumping on the mic to make a toast when the party is in full swing. It can take a while to recover from this and if it's late enough it may never recover as people will sit down, go to the bar or even call it a night and make their way home.

Timing and choice of your evening food is also very important. Nothing kills a night off like a late buffet. Try to get your evening food out for 8/8.30pm if you're going for a 12am finish. Try to go easy on the heavy carbs like chips and bread. No one wants to dance if they they're full of chip butties at 10pm. If you have your buffet early food choice is less important as it'll have plenty of time to settle and get up for a dance again later.

Ending your party at the right time. In my experience 12am is normally the best time to end your party with a bang. Especially if it's a wedding. It's a long day for you and your guests, so if it goes on past midnight it tends to be an hour of people slowly leaving until just the hard core few, normally a little worse for wear remain at 1am for it to kind of fizzle out.

Lastly. Make sure you book your taxis in advance. There is almost always stranded guests still waiting for taxis when I leave an hour after finishing because they didn't book.

I hope this helps you in some way. If these tips are followed it's rarely a bad night.

I hope your night is a huge success!