DJ Steve-O Dee Bio

I bought my first turntables for £100 saved from my dish washing job at the age of 14 because of a love of happy hardcore. I use to annoy my parents playing loudly in my bedroom. I enjoyed loud music and not getting told off so I started dong friend’s house parties and birthdays. That turned in to my first paid gig at Henllan primary school in North Wales in 1998 aged 16 on a pair of personal CD players, a hand full of borrowed Now CDs, a huge pair of second hand speakers and 2 rubbish lights from Argos. With that small amount of money I got, I bought a cool new light. I started building my business from there, reinvesting the money I got for better equipment to make it more professional and practicing in my bedroom. Since then I have DJ'd at loads of different events from 5 star hotels, bars & clubs in the UK and Ibiza and Ayia Napa for hundreds of people right through to people’s back gardens and community centres for a handful, even a NYE at a Rugby club that was the only venue in the area to charge on the door so I played to a couple of bar men all night.

I mix to a club standard and have a great range and appreciation for music of all ages I can play what ever type of music you want from 60s and Motown right up to this weeks chart. My personal favourite is house, commercial dance and dance anthems. If that happens to be your thing I am particularly suited to you. Ibiza is one of my favourite locations, I was at Carl Cox’s last ever night at Space night in 2016. I have been to all of the major clubs on the island and played a few gigs over there. I love to dance myself so what it takes to put on a good show.